Naturally. Delicious. Gelato.



It’s all "about" making the very best and freshest gelato we can and having coziness, smiles and laughter throughout our gelateria! 

Whether or not you’ve travelled to Italy to enjoy an amazing stracciatella or silky smooth lemon sorbetto, you can experience the very same simple pleasure right in the heart of the Byward Market at Sash Gelato Café. Locally owned and operated (not a franchise) we are passionate and relentless about using only the best, tastiest, freshest local ingredients available.

We make our gelato fresh every day from scratch. ‘Ready mix’ ingredients including colourings, flavourings and preservatives have no place at Sash. Our dairy flavours have low fat content because we use less cream, and our sorbettos are full of real fruit and are completely free of fat and dairy. 

We strive to make artisanal gelato that moms and nonnas would be proud to serve!



(613) 567-7274



43 William Street
Byward Market
Ottawa, ON K1N 6Z9



Su-We 11am-9pm

Th-Sa 11am-10pm


Show or no show? Actually, both are best!

Show: Come enjoy seeing gelato made right before your eyes in our old style vertical barrel batch freezer! Exactly the same process as when it was first introduced to the world by Cattabriga in 1927!

No show: The Pozzetti gelato cases you will see as you walk into Sash are sleek and stylish, but their purpose is simple and traditional - to protect and preserve the integrity and flavour of our gelato by minimizing air and light exposure, while maintaining a constant temperature. This is the way the most authentic Italian gelaterias have been serving gelato for decades!

Coffee and desserts!

Think Local: Happy Goat Coffee & Simply Biscotti

Happy Goat Coffee promote the niche coffee market by encouraging neighbourhood based small batch coffee roasting. Small scale produced coffee, roasted in your neighbourhood supports the small farmer and preserves diversity. Just as importantly, freshly roasted coffee bean creates superior coffee. Protecting and preserving small scale farming through niche markets also helps the environment and maintains the world’s store of genetic diversity. We are very proud to serve these superior beans here in our cafe!

Straight from Rosa Pino’s kitchen at Simply Biscotti, our homemade biscotti, tarts, cakes and mousses are made from scratch using the freshest, best local ingredients. Over two decades, Rosa has perfected her recipes, and every day you’ll be sure to find something delicious, wholesome and ALWAYS freshly in our dessert case. Come by to see our daily selection!